How to check TFG Balance and statements online

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You can get your statement information online by logging in at MYTFG World Online, or by calling TFG on 0860 576 576 (make sure you have you card number on hand!). You will need to create a TFG profile online first using your card number and ID number.  You can also view your statements online by regist ering on

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Get your  TFG account statement via email or SMS.
To replace your card, you need to block your card first– either at TFG Online, in store or with customer services (0861 111 761 or Then you’ll need to visit your nearest store to sign for and collect a new card (you will be charged for card replacement).

TFG Customer Services Contact Details

The Foschini Group (TFG) Customer Service Numbers are
Telephone : 0860 576 576
Email :
TFG Whatsapp Number :  060 944 4884
TFG Statements Online Login :