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BonusBuddy is a division of SanFen Financial Services specializing in an online bonus loan product. “Bonus loan” has been part of SanFen’s product offerings for a number of years now. With BonusBuddy, SanFen decided to go online with the bonus loan due to popular demand. SanFen Financial Services is a registered credit provider and was established in 1997 as a partnership in Port Elizabeth and continue to assist our clients with unsecured loans.

BonusBuddy offers you a unique short-term loan service whereby you borrow on your annual bonus. We are the first in South Africa to offer this service. At BonusBuddy you can apply for a bonus loan up to 2 months before your bonus month.

What is a bonus loan?

A bonus loan is a once-off loan that you borrow within 2 months (60 days) of your bonus and repay it in full during your bonus month. There are no deductions in the meantime, no hidden costs, what you see is what you get! For bonus loans during the year we only assist government employees (birthday month bonuses or new chosen bonus month).

What are the basic requirements for a bonus loan?

  • You have to be between 18 and 65 years old
  • You must bonus within the next 2 months (60 days).
  • You must have a bank account and acceptable credit profile
  • You must be employed for more than 2 years at your current employer
  • Must contribute towards a provident or pension fund
  • Your expected bonus must be more than R10 000

How much will I pay you back?

Go to “Apply Now”, answer the easy questions, choose your amount required (keep it to 20% of your bonus,maximum R4000), choose your expected bonus date and see what your repayment will be! The closer to bonus it is, the less the repayment will be.

How long does the process take?

Depending on a few factors it can take anything from 12 to 48 business hours.

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