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Capitec is now offering as much as R230 000 for an unsecured loan which is quite a lot more than South Africa’s big four financial houses. Capitec has increased its unsecured loans from R150 000 to R230 000 so that it customers and clients can get the money they need (and want) to put the proverbial icing back on the cake.

It is hoped that the branches in higher earning areas will bring Capitec a lot closer to the goal where clients are able to afford the repayments on these loans.

If someone wants to buy an expensive car or would like to go on a memorable trip costing in the region of a million, and if they are able to make the repayments – why ever not?

Fast facts about Capitec personal loans:

  • The new maximum personal loans offered represent an increase of 53%.
  • Nice to know is that the R230 000 can be paid over between one to 84 months.
  • The amount offered is quite high compared to the big four financial banks in SA.
  • The monthly repayment for a R150 000 loan over 60 months comes to about R5 472.58.
  • According to a Capitec’s website the monthly repayment for a R230 000 loan can range from R4 984 over 84 months at an interest rate of 18.5% or R5 939 over 84 months at an interest rate of 25.2%, depending.
  • It is important to note that Capitec clearly states that these are only examples and the actual rate will be based on the individual’s credit profile and affordability.
  • Taking the repayment of R5 939 you will over 84 months’ pay R498 913 in total for your R230 000 loan.

The Great news is that Capitec’s personal loans:

  • Are really quick and easy to apply for.
  • After approval you will have the money very soon thereafter.
  • You will be offered flexible repayment options.
  • You will be able to qualify for a Capitec personal loan if you are eighteen years and over, are a South African citizen or a permanent resident.