Cash for Gold and Jewellery South Africa

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You can sell you gold, silver, platinum and diamonds to us, so dig through your drawers to see what’s lying at the bottom. You’d be amazed at the cash for gold value of your unwanted or broken jewellery; we’ll even pay for dental gold, so you can see that your gold can be in any form or condition! Most of us have jewellery we’ll never wear – so don’t leave it sitting around, get money that could be put to things you really want, with top cash for gold offers.

Sell your Gold and Jewellery in South Africa

Sell jewellery that’s broken or damaged in any of these forms – chains, rings, bracelets, thimbles, boxes, flatware, hollow ware, pendants, earrings, coins, proof sets, krugerrands – and sell gold, silver or platinum too!

Whatever shape or size, you can sell gold to get the best cash for gold offer around, even as coins, bars or ingots. We check all coins for rarity as we sometimes find valuable coins in a collection, and you can be sure we’ll offer you the highest price every time.