Does PEP have a clothing account ?

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Yes, PEP has a clothing account and you can shop now and pay later. Apply for the account online on the PEP website. Whether You’Re Looking For Some Tops, That Summer Dress You’Ve Always Wanted For Ladies. Shop All Your Ladies Fashion Dresses, Skirts, Shorts, Tops And More At PEP Stores. Lowest Prices. One Stop Shop For All. Wide Variety Of Products. Affordable Prices.

Where can I use a PEP Clothing account card?

You can use your PEP Clothing account card at PEP, Refinery, Ackermans, Tekkie Town, Dunns, Dealz, and Shoe City stores

How to apply for a PEP Clothing Account Card

You can apply in-store, remember to bring your ID and proof of income.
Proof of income requirements:
In order to process your application, PEP requires your proof of income. Please submit your proof of income by any one of these channels below:
  • Hand in your proof of income in-store, or Email it to
  • Employment Type: Proof of Income Needed
  • Permanent: Latest 3 months’ Payslips or latest 3 months’ Bank Statements
  • On Contract: Latest 3 months’ Payslips or latest 3 months’ Bank Statements
  • Self Employed: Latest 3 months’ Bank Statements
  • Domestic: Latest 3 months’ Payslips, latest 3 months’ Bank Statements or Employment Confirmation Form
  • Pensioner: Latest 3 months’ Bank Statements or other form of proof

Check your PEP account balance and installment due, apply for a credit limit increase, and more by dialing *120*3012# (network rates apply).

Stores you can buy with a PEP card