GEPF: What will happen to my Spouse Pension if I pass away and my children are still minors?

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The Spouse Pension is a monthly pension or annuity that is paid to the lawful spouse or approved life partner of a deceased member or pensioner of GEPF. If you die while in service or after you retired, as a member or pensioner of GEPF, your spouse (wife, husband or life partner) may be eligible to receive 50% or 75% (dependent on the choice of the member in retirement) of your monthly pension or retirement annuity for the rest of their lives.

A member can choose to increase the Spouse Pension to 75% of his/ her retirement annuity by accepting a reduced gratuity and/or annuity on retirement. When your spouse dies, the Spouse Pension benefit ceases to exist.

Spouse Pension cannot be transferred to any other person, including your children (biological or adopted) or converted into any other benefit. This benefit is meant for spouse/s only. However, when you die as a GEPF member or pensioner, your child/ children may qualify for the Child’s Pension as determined by the GEP law. Your children must be under the age of 22 years to qualify for this benefit. Disabled children qualify for the Child’s Pension benefit for the rest of their lives as determined by the GEP Law.