How to check your Dis-Chem Benefit Points Online

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You have several convenient options to keep track of your Dis-Chem Benefit Points, ensuring you make the most of your loyalty rewards. Here’s a breakdown of how to check your points balance and understand their value:

  1. Online : To check your Dis-Chem Benefit Points online, you must be a registered user of the Dis-Chem Benefit Card on the Dischem website or mobile app. Once registered, you can easily log in and view your latest points balance at your convenience.
  2. USSD (*120*1085#): Another quick and accessible method is to use USSD. Dial *120*1085# and follow the on-screen prompts. This will provide you with your current points balance.
  3. Till Slip: You can also find your points balance at the bottom of your Dis-Chem till slip. This is handy for an immediate update after making a purchase.
  4. Careline Support: If you prefer assistance over the phone, you can contact Dis-Chem’s careline at 0860 347 243. Their helpful representatives will be able to provide you with your points balance.

Understanding Dis-Chem Points Value

Each point is equivalent to 1 cent. Here’s how you can calculate the value of different points quantities:

  • 1,000 points = R10
  • 100 points = R1
  • 10 points = 10 cents

Example Calculation:

If you have 1,275 Dis-Chem Benefit Points, their total value would be R12.75. To calculate this, you can divide the number of points by 100 and then multiply by 10, as each 100 points are worth 10 cents. So:

(1,275 points / 100) x 10 cents = R12.75

Therefore, 1,275 points are worth R12.75, and by rounding it up, we can say they are worth R13. This represents the tangible value of your loyalty rewards when you choose to redeem them at Dis-Chem.