How to claim your PSiRA Profile Online

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Security Officers, Security Businesses, Security Training Centres that have a PSiRA number  can now use PSiRA’s services online. This means there is a limited need to visit PSiRA branches. On your PSiRA Profile, you can download your digital certificates straight to your cellphones, renewal of certificates, uploading of course reports by training centres, renewal of business certificates.. Here is how you can claim your PSiRA Profile Online

  1. Go to
  2. Under Online Services click on “Claim your profile”
  3. Select Security Officer under “Chose your Profile”
  4. Select Claim By ID Number and fill in your ID Number and click validate
  5. Enter your linked number in full and click send OTP
  6. Enter the OTP sent on to your mobile phone and click verify OTP
  7. Confirm your ID Number, Date of Birth and Grade and click submit
  8. Create a password of your choice and click change you password
  9. You will receive your password and username via SMS
  10. You can log on at

All security officers and businesses that existed before the online system was introduced in 2021 should do well to claim their profiles.