How to contact Thembi Nyathi from Dlozi Lami

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In the heart of the African tradition, Thembi Nyathi, a beacon of ancestral wisdom, extends her nurturing embrace to those in search of answers, solace, and healing. With a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Thembi offers profound readings, bridging the gap between the living and our dearly departed. This sacred connection is vital for families and individuals who seek closure and understanding. When reaching out to Thembi Nyathi, you are embarking on a profound journey.

Thembi Nyathi from Dlozi Lami Contact Details

1. Online Bookings: To honor the African tradition while embracing modern convenience, Thembi Nyathi offers online bookings through her official website. Here, you can schedule a private reading that grants you the gift of focused attention, ensuring that your deepest concerns and questions are heard and addressed.

2. Live Chat: If you find comfort in immediate interaction and wish to learn more about Thembi Nyathi’s services rooted in African spiritualism, a live chat on her website welcomes you. Nyathi’s team is dedicated to responding to your inquiries, offering insights into the wisdom that flows through them.

3. Email: The ancient wisdom imparted by Thembi Nyathi is only an email away. Send your inquiries and booking requests to, and her compassionate team will guide you through the process.

Remember, during the booking process for a private session, refrain from sharing extensive details about the deceased or explicitly naming the loved one you wish to connect with. In the African tradition, the spirits are best summoned through a pure and unadulterated connection, a journey that promises answers, healing, and the profound comfort of reuniting with those who have journeyed beyond. Thembi Nyathi’s gift is an expression of her deep-rooted compassion, and her services are a path to embracing the wisdom of African ancestors.