How to increase your credit card limit using the Standard Bank mobile app

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There are occasions when individuals require an increase in their credit card limit to accommodate larger transactions or unexpected financial obligations. To cater to this necessity, Standard Bank has streamlined the process within its mobile app, making it effortless for customers to request a credit limit increase. Increasing your credit card limit using the Standard Bank mobile app, along with an alternative method to contact their customer support:

How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit with the Standard Bank Mobile App

  1. Log In to the Standard Bank App: Begin by opening the Standard Bank mobile app on your smartphone or mobile device. Log in using your credentials, which typically include your username and password.
  2. Access Your Credit Card Account: Once logged in, navigate to your account dashboard or home screen. Look for the section that displays your card balances. Select the specific credit card for which you want to request a limit increase.
  3. Navigate to the Limit Increase Option: Scroll horizontally to view additional options related to your credit card. Within this menu, you should find the “Credit Card Limit Increase” option. Select it to initiate the request.
  4. Choose Daily or Monthly Limit: Depending on your specific needs, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you want to increase your daily limit, monthly limit, or both. This selection allows you to tailor the limit increase according to your requirements.
  5. Enter the Desired Amount: After selecting the type of limit (daily or monthly), you can enter the amount by typing it into the designated field. Make sure the amount you input aligns with your financial needs and capacity.
  6. Confirm the Request: Review the information you’ve entered to ensure accuracy. Once you are satisfied with the details, select the “Done” or “Submit” button to confirm your request.
  7. Await Processing: Standard Bank will process your request. Typically, they will assess your creditworthiness and the information provided to determine whether the increase can be approved. You should receive a response regarding the status of your request within a reasonable time frame.

Alternative Method to Contact Standard Bank for a Credit Limit Increase

If you encounter any issues with the app or prefer a more direct approach, you can contact Standard Bank’s customer support through the following method:

  1. Phone Contact: Dial Standard Bank’s customer support number at 0861 201 000.
  2. Navigate the Menu: Listen to the automated menu options. To request a credit limit increase, select the appropriate menu options. Typically, this involves selecting option 4 (which is usually related to credit card services) and then option 1 (for credit limit increase requests).
  3. Speak to a Representative: Once you’ve selected the relevant menu options, you will be connected to a customer service representative who can assist you with your credit limit increase request.

Please note that while these instructions are accurate as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the Standard Bank app interface and procedures may change over time. For the most up-to-date guidance, it’s advisable to refer to the Standard Bank mobile app or contact Standard Bank’s customer support.