How to join DiDi Driver Partner

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DiDi, the world’s leading mobility platform is so much more than just another ride-hailing service. DiDi brings with it a wide range of safety features to benefit users and driving partners, including facial recognition for drivers, SOS buttons for riders and drivers linked to local police, 24/7 support via a dedicated safety hotline, preview information for riders and drivers, and safety training for drivers, among others.

Benefits of Didi

  • 0% take rate for the first four weeks if you sign up and have all documentation approved before the launch date, plus a R250 sign-up bonus when you sign up before the launch date and complete tentrips within the first week of the launch.
  • Other benefits include up to R15 000 for driver and rider referrals (up to R300 each).
  • DiDi also offers its driver-partners a competitive 13% commission fee which is much lower than that of its competitors
  •  DiDi boasts 14 unique safety features on the app designed for both drivers and riders.
  • Free Vehicle Inspection Reports done at any of driver hubs or by any of our online promoters in various areas

The company said its safety features for drivers and passengers include:

  • Facial recognition for driver
  • Share trip with contacts for drivers and riders
  • SOS button for riders and drivers linked to Police
  • Safety hotline provides drivers and riders with safety response support available 24/7
  • Preview information of drivers and riders
  • Preview trip destination for drivers and ride cost estimate for riders
  • Unmatch from riders for drivers and unmatch from drivers for riders
  • Private (hidden) numbers with communication facilitated through the app
  • Safety training for drivers

How do I sign up as a DiDi driver-partner?

  1. Download the DiDi driver app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play in your operating country.
  2. Sign up. Open the driver app and enter your South Africa Mobile Number. …
  3. Create your password. ( …
  4. Enter your email address to confirm your account.
  5. Choose your partner type with DiDi.