How to Pay UIF

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Employers can register, declare and pay UIF contributions through uFiling which is a secure Online system. Employees can also use the system to apply for benefits such as unemployment, maternity and illness.

How to Pay for UIF Using Debit Order

Register the bank account or accounts you wish to use for payment under Select “Employer Information” and then “Banking

  1. Click “Add New”.
  2. Complete the required banking information.
  3. Click “Update” – You are now ready to pay your bill using Debit Order
  4. Select the declaration, or declarations, you wish to pay and click pay
  5. Choose your preferred bank account from the list and instruct the payment. Unemployment Insurance Fund will send this instruction to your bank which will debited with the instructed amount.
  6. The system confirms your payment instruction and provides a notification once the payment has been confirmed successful by your bank.
  7. Your payment is allocated to your account and will reflect on your next statement.

The average response time from your bank is 24 – 48 hours however your account with the department is updated once you have made the payment instruction.

Naturally, should your payment be declined by the bank for reasons such as insufficient funds then we immediately reverse the payment and update your account with the Department.

Please note that for security reasons the system is unable to automatically debit your account and hence you need to monthly instruct payment for each statement.