iMasFinance Head Office Contact Details

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iMasFinance is a leading financial services co-operative in South Africa .iMasFinance has agreements with more than 600 employers in South Africa, which allow us to offer their respective employees a range of comprehensive financial products and services, including personal loans, vehicle finance, insurance solutions, housing solutions and a purchase card.

When an individual uses an iMasFinance product, they become a member of the co-operative. This means that, along with the many product benefits, they also get to share in the profits through the iMasRewards programme. iMasFinance, your caring financial wellness partner: Our core value is that we care. So, when a person joins iMasFinance, not only do they become a part of the business, but they also become part of the iMasFinance family.

iMasFinance Head Office Contact Details

iMasFinance Phone Number 0861 043 627

iMasFinance website

iMasFinance (Co-operative) Limited is a registered credit provider | NCRCP 1332 and Iemas Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider | FSP 47563

Head Office :
Iemas Park
C\O Embankment Road and Kwikkie Crescent

(012) 674-7000