Mr Price Store Account

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Your security is our top priority. Rest assured that your personal information is encrypted and handled with the utmost care. Our secure, state-of-the-art technology protects your data from unauthorized access. We adhere to strict industry standards to ensure a safe and confidential lending experience for you. Your financial well-being is our commitment.

The Mr Price Store Account offers a convenient way to purchase Mr Price merchandise on credit. It provides the flexibility of affordable monthly installments and various budget plans, such as revolving 24 or 36 months. Exclusive offers and promotions are also part of the package. Moreover, your Mr Price Money card allows you to shop at various stores within South Africa, including Mr Price, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Sport, Sheet Street, and Miladys.

Opening a Mr Price Store Account

To open an account with us, you have three easy options:

  1. Apply Online: Visit the Mr Price Money website to submit your application.
  2. Send an SMS: Send an SMS to 41536 in the following format: “Your ID numberFirst Name Surname Total Monthly salary before deductions  Total Monthly expenses.”
  3. Call Us: Simply call Mr Price at 0861066639 to start the application process.

Requirements for a Mr Price Store Account

To be eligible for a Mr Price Store Account, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess a valid ID or Passport.
  • Be currently employed.
  • Have a reachable cellphone number.
  • Maintain a good credit record and consent to a credit bureau check.
  • Provide a postal or residential address.

Fees Associated with a Mr Price Store Account

  • Initiation fee: R25.00 (one-time charge)
  • Monthly service fee: Up to R8.50 per month (Please note that this fee may increase without prior notice)

Checking Your Mr Price Store Account Balance via Cellphone

You can easily check your account balance and view statements online by logging into your account on the official website. Alternatively, you can call us at 08610 66639, and we will promptly email or SMS your statement to you. For a quick balance check on-the-go, dial 120410#.

Payment Arrangements for Your Mr Price Store Account

If you need assistance with payment arrangements for your Mr Price Store Account, please call us at 08610 66639.

Paying Your Mr Price Store Account via Cellphone

You can conveniently make payments for your Mr Price Store Account directly from your phone by dialing the USSD code 120410# and following the provided prompts.

Mr Price Store Account Status

If you’ve recently applied for a Mr Price Store Account, please be aware that your application is still in the processing stage. Kindly return within the next 24 hours to re-check the status of your application.