Overstrand Municipality Palmiet Caravan Park Booking

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Overstrand Municipality Palmiet Caravan Park Booking. A deposit of 50% of the total amount payable is applicable to secure the booking. On cancellation of the Overstrand Palmiet Caravan Park Booking, an admin fee of 15% will deducted from the deposit. On cancellation of the booking less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the holiday, the deposit will not be paid back.

  • Login to make and view your booking online.
  • Bookings for Groups (>10 caravans or >20 campers) must be done telephonically.
A Stands
B Stands
C Stands
Per DayPer DayPer Day
Peak Season
1 December – 31 January & Easter Weekend
R 431.00
R 346.00
R 307.00
Off Peak Season
1 February – 30 November (Excluding Easter Weekend)
R 239.00
R 205.00
R 188.00
  • All stands with the availability of electricity = R25.00 per stand per day.
  •  The above tariffs include for up to four (4) persons and one vehicle with one trailer or caravan or small boat per day.
  • Additional persons up to a maximum of two (2)* = R62.00 per person per day.
  • Additional vehicle or small trailer or small boat to maximum of 2 units = R35.00 per unit per day.
  • Day visitors for campers up to a maximum of four (4)* = R62.00 per person per day and R48.00 for a vehicle
  •  Special arrangements must be made with the Camp Manager to allow day visitors
  • Children under two (2) years are free and children under twelve (12) years at half price
  • Low Season: Pensioners, Caravan Clubs more than 10 caravans and Camper groups (not caravans) more than 20 campers
  • (Pensioners to be defined as persons sixty (60) years and older) may get a discount of 50% on the stands;
  • Qualify for a reduced tariff of R2908.00 for a period of 30 days.
  • Gate Card / Key Deposit R157.00 per set (refundable).
  • Bookings for the High Peak Season open 1 July every year