Payment Options for Flysafair

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Payment Options for Flysafair include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club credit cards. In line with the Payments Association of South Africa’s (PASA) presently mandating that all e-commerce merchants must implement 3D Secure, FlySafair recently went live with this security system for online transactions

Flysafair also accept direct deposits via EFT which must be made within 24 hours after booking. This can only be done through the call centre.

Pay later options are only available via the call centre – phone them on 087 357 0030. Should you be within 96 hours of departure, regrettably no pay later options are available but payment via credit card, and SID through the website or call centre will be accepted.

Cash payments for flights are currently only accepted at ticket sales counters at the airports where Flysafair fly from and at Pick n Pay stores.