RAF Claim Status Check

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To check your RAF claim, you will need to visit the Road Accident Fund website or call their customer care line. You will need your accident report number (ARP) and claim ID (if you don’t have an ARP, you can call the Fund’s customer care line to get it).

You can check if your claim has been processed by calling RAF’s free number 0800 202 945. You will need to provide some personal details like your name and date of the accident, and the name of the hospital you went to. This information will be on your accident report form (ARP).

f you have a lawyer representing you, they can also check the status of your claim on your behalf.

Here are some of the possible statuses that your RAF claim may have:

  • Pending: Your claim is still being processed by the RAF.
  • Approved: Your claim has been approved and you are now entitled to compensation.
  • Disapproved: Your claim has been disapproved. You may receive a reason for why your claim was disapproved, but this is not always the case.
  • Partially approved: Your claim has been partially approved and you are entitled to some compensation, but not as much as you originally requested.
  • Settled: Your claim has been settled and you have received your compensation.

Please note that the RAF may take several months or even years to process and settle claims. It is important to be patient and to stay in touch with the RAF or your lawyer to get updates on the status of your claim.

RAF Claims Email:
0800 202 945