SASSA Awaiting Replication Status

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SASSA Awaiting Reapplication, reapplication is yet to be completed. The message is to prompt you to submit a reapplication. SASSA requires all existing SRD R350 applicants to submit new applications to affirm if they still want to receive the grants or not.

To make sure that, that message does not show when checking your status, follow the simple instructions outlined here to reapply

  • Go to the web address or if you are using the Moya App open it to the homepage
  • Scroll down to the subsection with the headline “How do I confirm that I still qualify for and need this SRD Grant?, you will see a yellow button with the inscription “click here to confirm your existing application” SEE IMAGE BELOW
  • Click on that yellow button
  • A new page will open asking for your phone number. This is the phone that was used to apply earlier.
  • An OTP code (six-digit code) will be sent in SMS to you. Enter the code to the space provided and click on the submit
  • A consent form with numerous conditions, just select YES for all of them in order to accept them and confirm
  • Another page will open once again asking for you for very personal details, like Full Name, Surname, ID number Address, fill them as applicable.
  • Go to the next page, here you have to be tactical, as SASSA wants to be sure if you receive any financial support from elsewhere or not.
  • If you don’t receive UIF or do not qualify for UIF just select NO
  • Spouses and Parents IDs can be skipped if your parents are no more or you are not married (legal marriage, take note). URGENT: If your parents are around but are employed, I will advise you to skip them also, otherwise SASSA can deny you an SRD R350 grant as they may assume that your parents should be able to support you financially.
  • When it comes to the amount of money you earn in a month choose R0. For where you get support choose a friend
  • After that submit your application
  • In the last stage, they request your banking details choose the one that suits your condition, and submit it.
  • SMS notification will be sent to your phone number when submission is done successfully including your AppId