Sun City Entrance Fees 2024

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Sun City, often referred to as Africa’s ‘Kingdom of Pleasure,’ is a popular destination that offers a diverse range of entertainment facilities and experiences. Here’s a comprehensive look at the prices and visitor information for the year 2024:

Sun City Day Visitors Entrance Fees

  • Adults: Entrance fees start from R395 per person, providing access to the exciting attractions within Sun City.
  • Children (3 – 12 years old): Children can enjoy the Kingdom of Pleasure at rates beginning from R290 per person.
  • Children 2 years and under: Younger visitors aged two and under can enter for free.

Sun City Entrance for Valley of Waves

  • Hotel Guests: If you’re staying at one of Sun City’s accommodations, you have the added benefit of free entry to both the Sun City Resort and the captivating Valley of Waves.
  • Day Visitors: For day visitors, a ticket is required, which costs R195 per adult per day. This ticket includes access to Sun City and the thrilling Valley of Waves.
  • Children aged 4 – 12 years: The entry fee for children in this age group is R95 per child per day.
  • Children under three: Children under the age of three have complimentary access.
  • Senior citizens (60 years and above): Senior citizens can take pleasure in Sun City at a reduced rate of R90 per person.

Purchasing Tickets

  • Day Visitor tickets can be conveniently obtained on the day of your visit. However, please note that tickets cannot be purchased at Sun City directly. Instead, you can secure your tickets through TicketPro, ensuring a seamless entry to the Kingdom of Pleasure.

Contact Details for Sun City Day Visits

  • Telephone: Should you have any general inquiries or require assistance with your visit, you can reach out to Sun City at +27 14 557 1000. The friendly staff at Sun City will be delighted to provide you with additional information, answer your questions, and help you plan an unforgettable visit to this iconic destination.

Experience the magic of Sun City in 2023, where you can indulge in a world of entertainment, relaxation, and adventure that truly lives up to its name as the ‘Kingdom of Pleasure.’

Sun City Valley of Waves

Sun City Valley of Waves