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Tshelete Thuso Soweto. For same day payouts apply today. Tshelete Thuso Cash Loans specialise in short term loans.They only do payday advance loans, 30 day cash loans. It takes on average 30 minutes to get the loan. On a first loan the interest rate is 5% and there after 3%. But there are some other fees as well and the amount of days also affects the total cost

What do I need to apply?

Id Book
90 Days Bank statements
Latest pay slip
Need to be employed longer than six months permanent.

When you apply at the physical offices money is paid out into a Standard bank debit card that you can use anywhere, at any time. You can draw cash and swipe at all pay points. The Card is pin-based and you can choose the pin of your choice.

When you apply online your money will be paid out into the account that you use to authorize the Debicheck transaction.

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