UIF Completed By Assessor

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When an individual’s Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) application reflects the status “UIF Completed by Assessor,” it signifies that significant progress has been made in the assessment of their claim. In this context, the UIF assessor has received their application, allocated it for review, and subsequently conducted an adjudication on their file. The timeframes for this process are typically 15 days for unemployment claims and 5 days for maternity claims.

What to do on UIF Completed By Assessor

  1. Contacting the Call Centre:
    • If the individual has questions or requires further information regarding their UIF claim, they are encouraged to reach out to the dedicated call centre at 0800 030 007. The UIF team is available to provide support and guidance.
  2. Visiting the Nearest Labour Centre:
    • For in-person assistance and direct discussions regarding their UIF claim, the individual is encouraged to visit their nearest labour centre. Knowledgeable representatives are available to offer personalized assistance and address specific concerns.
  3. Contacting Provincial Officials:
    • If the individual wishes to engage with provincial officials for additional assistance or information concerning their UIF claim, they should not hesitate to get in touch. Provincial officials can provide insights and support tailored to their specific circumstances.

UIF Awaiting Payment

When an individual’s UIF status indicates “UIF Completed by Assessor,” it signifies that they are now in the awaiting payment phase. The UIF has processed their claim, and they should expect to receive their entitled payments in due course. The UIF team appreciates the individual’s patience during this process and aims to ensure a smooth and timely disbursement of UIF benefits.

Rest assured, the UIF team is committed to assisting individuals throughout the UIF claim process, dedicated to helping them access the financial support they need during times of unemployment or maternity-related circumstances.