Asiphe Debit Order Contact Details

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If you’ve noticed debit orders from Asiphe on your bank statements and seek clarification or have specific inquiries about these transactions, it’s essential to contact the company promptly. You can reach Asiphe through their dedicated telephone number: 011 700 9200.

Making contact with Asiphe through this number provides direct access to their support team, enabling you to address concerns, seek clarification on transactions, or resolve issues related to debit orders. The representatives are committed to offering necessary assistance, ensuring a clear understanding of the transactions associated with Asiphe and aiding with any inquiries.

Additional Information on Disputing Asiphe Debit Orders

If you encounter any challenges with Asiphe debit orders, consider the following steps to dispute the transactions:

  1. Contact Asiphe:
    • Reach out to Asiphe at the provided telephone number to discuss and resolve the issue directly with their support team.
  2. Bank Communication:
    • Inform your bank about the unauthorized or disputed debit orders. Provide details on why you believe the transactions are incorrect or unauthorized.
  3. Written Notification:
    • Follow up your conversation with Asiphe with a written notification to your bank, reiterating the disputed transactions and your request for reversal.
  4. Bank Investigation:
    • The bank will conduct an investigation into the disputed debit orders, considering your communication with Asiphe and any additional evidence you provide.
  5. Reversal Process:
    • If the bank finds the debit orders to be unauthorized or incorrect, they will initiate the reversal process and refund the deducted amount.

Remember, it’s crucial to act promptly and keep detailed records of your communication with Asiphe and your bank throughout the dispute resolution process.