How to claim from RAF without a lawyer

You can claim to Road Accident Fund yourself and you stand to reap the full payout and benefit due to you without paying lawyer fees who also takes at least 25% of the payout. Victims of road accidents have been encouraged to bypass the services of lawyers to lodge claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). The Road Accident Fund is encouraging potential claimants to claim directly from them instead of using a lawyer.

How to claim from the Road Accident Fund without a lawyer

  1. Compile the necessary documents
    The documents required to launch a claim with the RAF are:
    1. The police report and/or case number of the accident.
    2. All your relevant personal details as well as those of any other person involved in the accident.
    3. All medical documents supporting the claim of injuries incurred.
    4. Any motivating testimony from medical and/or legal experts as well as witness testimony.
    5. Any relevant information pertaining to the accident such as damages to vehicle/s and/or surrounding structures.
  2. Complete the submission forms
    Claims must be lodged on a claim form (Form 1) which provides basic information on the claimant, the vehicles and parties involved in the collision, the date and place of accident and the amounts claimed. It also contains a medical report by the treating doctor.Drivers of the vehicles involved in the collision must furnish details of the accident to the RAF on a separate accident report form.If general damages are claimed, a Serious Injury Assessment Report must be submitted to the RAF confirming that the injury sustained is serious.All forms are available for download on the RAF website.
  3. Submit all Documents
    Once the necessary forms are completed and accompanying documents are ready, the documents must be submitted in hard copy. The RAF does not accept emailed documents.The claimant’s evidence is then considered by the RAF.
    Claim should be processed within a few months.

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