How much does road accident Fund pay for death in South Africa

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The maximum claim as at 30 April, 2022 is R319,810 per annum. The amount you can claim from the RAF will depend on the case, your circumstances, the income and earning trajectory of the breadwinner and his or her dependants.A claim for loss of support can be made if these conditions apply:

  • the deceased person was not solely responsible for causing the accident
  • the deceased person had a duty or legal obligation to support the dependant(s)
  • this person was providing the dependant(s) with support at the time of death
  • the dependant(s) lost needed support due to the person’s death.

If death occurred at the accident site, no medical records are required. If the victim died in hospital, however, a medical report will be needed.

You’ll also need the following documents:

  • certified copies of ID documents for the victim and claimant
  • a death certificate
  • post-mortem reports
  • a marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • birth certificates of dependant(s)
  • financial statements
  • salary slips
  • last will and testament (if applicable)
  • income tax returns for the deceased
  • the final liquidation and distribution account for the deceased.