How to get a Nedbank Bank Confirmation Letter

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A Bank Confirmation Letter is a formal document issued by a financial institution, such as Nedbank, that serves to validate the existence of a customer’s bank account and provides essential details about that account. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to secure a Nedbank Bank Confirmation Letter conveniently through the Nedbank Money App or Nedbank Online Banking:

Using Nedbank Online Banking

  1. Log into Your Online Banking: Start by accessing your Nedbank Online Banking account. You’ll need to log in using your credentials.
  2. Select Your Account: After logging in, choose the specific bank account for which you require the confirmation letter.
  3. Access ‘Statements and Documents’: Within your account interface, navigate to the ‘Features’ section. Under this section, you’ll find the ‘Statements and documents’ option.
  4. Choose Your Preferred Format: You’ll be presented with various statement formats such as PDF, CSV, OFX, and OFC. Select the format that best suits your needs.
  5. Download the E-Stamped Statement: Once you’ve selected the desired format, proceed to download the e-stamped statement to your device. This statement serves as your Bank Confirmation Letter.

Using the Nedbank Money App

  1. Log Into the Nedbank Money App: Access the Nedbank Money App on your mobile device and log in using your credentials.
  2. Select the Account: In the app, choose the specific Nedbank account you wish to obtain a Bank Confirmation Letter for.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Features’ Tab: Swipe or tap to access the ‘Features’ tab within the app’s interface.
  4. Share Account Information: In the ‘Features’ section, you’ll find an option to ‘Share Account Information.’ Select this option, and the app will guide you through the process of generating and sharing your Bank Confirmation Letter.

Additional Information:

  • Bank Confirmation Letters are valuable for various purposes, including verifying financial details for loans, visa applications, or business transactions.
  • These letters typically include essential information such as your account number, account holder details, account type, and the bank’s contact information.
  • Ensure that the information contained in your Bank Confirmation Letter is accurate and up to date.

You can easily access and obtain your Nedbank Bank Confirmation Letter, whether you prefer the convenience of Nedbank Online Banking or the accessibility of the Nedbank Money App. These letters serve as official documentation to confirm your bank account details when required for various financial and administrative purposes.