How to withdraw cash from a TymeBank Account without a card

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TymeBank offers you a hassle-free way to withdraw cash even without a physical card. All you need is your TymeBank app and a nearby Pick n Pay or Boxer store. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to access your funds using the TymeCode voucher system.

Step 1: Log into Your TymeBank App or Internet Banking

First things first, open your TymeBank app or access your account through internet banking. Make sure you have your login credentials ready.

Step 2: Select the “Cash” Option

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “Cash” option. It’s your gateway to accessing your funds conveniently.

Step 3: Choose “Cash Deposit or Withdraw”

In the “Cash” section, you’ll find a range of options. Select “Cash deposit or Withdraw” to proceed with your cash withdrawal.

Step 4: Enter the Amount

Now, specify the amount you want to withdraw. Enter the desired sum carefully, ensuring it matches your cash needs.

Step 5: Get Your TymeCode

The magic step! By selecting the withdrawal option, you’ll receive a unique TymeCode. This TymeCode will serve as your virtual key to the funds you want to access. Remember to keep it safe and secure.

Step 6: Visit Your Nearest Pick n Pay or Boxer Store

With your TymeCode in hand, head over to the nearest Pick n Pay or Boxer store. It’s time to make use of your TymeCode and turn it into cash.

Step 7: Show Your TymeCode to the Cashier

Once you’re at the store, present your TymeCode to the cashier. They will assist you in finalizing the transaction and handing over your requested cash.

In just a few easy steps, you can access your funds without needing a physical card. TymeBank’s TymeCode system simplifies the process, making it more convenient and accessible for you. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of banking with TymeBank, and never worry about cardless cash withdrawals again.

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