IEB National Senior Certificate Examination timetable for 2022

The Independent Examinations Board has released its National Senior Certificate Examination timetable for 2022. The National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examinations for schools belonging to the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) will begin on Tuesday 13 September 2022 and will run until Tuesday 29 November 2022.

Final Timetable25 May 2022

13 September

Life Orientation CAT Part B09:00–11:00
Wednesday 14 SeptemberLife Sciences PAT10:00–11:30
Wednesday 19 OctoberComputer Applications Technology: Paper I (Practical Examination)09:00–12:00Further Studies English#14:00–17:00
Thursday 20 OctoberFurther Studies Mathematics# PI (Standard / Core)09:00–11:00Further Studies Mathematics# PII (Extended / Elective)12:00–13:00

21 October

Information Technology: Paper I (Practical Examination)09:00–12:00Dramatic Arts14:00–17:00
24 OctoberAgricultural Management Practice09:00–12:00
Electrical Technology09:00–12:00
Mechanical Technology09:00–12:00
Tuesday 25 OctoberHistory PI09:00–11:00
26 OctoberFurther Studies Afrikaans#09:00–12:00
Further Studies Physics#09:00–12:00
Consumer Studies09:00–12:00
Hospitality Studies09:00–12:00
27 OctoberAfrikaans Home Language PI09:00–12:00
Afrikaans First Add Lang PI09:00–11:30
IsiXhosa First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
IsiZulu First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
IsiZulu Home Language PI09:00–12:00
Sepedi First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
Sepedi Home Language PI09:00–12:00
Sesotho First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
Sesotho Home Language PI09:00–12:00
Setswana First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
Siswati First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
Siswati Home Language PI09:00–12:00
Xitsonga First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
28 OctoberMathematical Literacy PI09:00–12:00
Physical Sciences PI (Physics)09:00–12:00
Technical Sciences PI09:00–12:00
31 OctoberMathematics PI09:00–12:00German Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Technical Mathematics PI09:00–12:00German Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Gujarati Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Gujarati First Add Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Gujarati Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Hebrew Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Hindi Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Hindi First Add Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Hindi Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Tamil Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Tamil First Add Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Tamil Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Telugu Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Telugu First Add Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Telugu Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Urdu Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Urdu First Add Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Urdu Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
1 NovemberAgricultural Science09:00–12:00Arabic Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Computer Applications Technology09:00–12:00French Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
PII (Theory)Italian Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Latin Second Add Lang PI*14:00–17:00
Mandarin Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Modern Greek Sec Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Portuguese Home Lang PI**14:00–16:00
Portuguese First Add Lang PI **14:00–16:00
Portuguese Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Serbian Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
Spanish Second Add Lang PI*14:00–16:00
2 NovemberVisual Art09:00–12:00German Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
German Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Gujarati Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Gujarati First Add Lang PII**14:00–16:00
Gujarati Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Hebrew Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Hindi Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Hindi First Add Lang PII**14:00–16:00
Hindi Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Tamil Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Tamil First Add Lang PII**14:00–16:00
Tamil Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Telugu Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Telugu First Add Lang PII**14:00–16:00
Telugu Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Urdu Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Urdu First Add Lang PII**14:00–16:00
Urdu Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00

3 November

Life Sciences PI09:00–12:00
4 NovemberDesign09:00–12:00Arabic Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
French Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Italian Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Latin Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Mandarin Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Modern Greek Sec Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Portuguese Home Lang PII**14:00–16:30
Portuguese First Add Lang PII**14:00–16:00
Portuguese Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Serbian Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Spanish Second Add Lang PII*14:00–16:00
Equine Studies14:00–17:00
7 NovemberMathematical Literacy PII09:00–12:00German Home Lang PIII **14:00–16:30
Physical Sciences PII (Chemistry)09:00–12:00Gujarati Home Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Technical Sciences PII09:00–10:30Gujarati First Add Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Hindi Home Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Hindi First Add Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Portuguese Home Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Portuguese First Add Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Tamil Home Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Tamil First Add Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Telugu Home Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Telugu First Add Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Urdu Home Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
Urdu First Add Lang PIII**14:00–16:30
8 NovemberEnglish Home Language PI09:00–12:00Maritime Economics14:00–17:00
English First Add Language PI09:00–11:30
9 NovemberBusiness Studies09:00–12:00
Tshivenda First Add Lang PI**09:00–11:00
10 NovemberAfrikaans Home Lang PII09:00–12:00Engineering Graphics & Design PI14:00–17:00
Afrikaans First Add Lang PII09:00–11:30
IsiXhosa First Add Language PII09:00–11:30
IsiZulu First Add Language PII09:00–11:30
IsiZulu Home Language PII09:00–12:00
Sepedi First Add Language PII09:00–11:30
Sepedi Home Language PII09:00–12:00
Sesotho First Add Language PII09:00–11:30
Sesotho Home Language PII09:00–12:00
Setswana First Add Language PII09:00–11:30
Siswati First Add Language PII09:00–11:30
Siswati Home Language PII09:00–12:00
Xitsonga First Add Language PII09:00–11:30

11 November

Geography PI09:00–12:00Geography PII14:00–15:30
14 NovemberMathematics PII09:00–12:00
Technical Mathematics PII09:00–12:00

15 November

Wednesday 16 NovemberAccounting PI09:00–11:00Accounting PII14:00–16:00
17 NovemberDance Studies09:00–12:00
Engineering Graphics and Design PII09:00–12:00

18 November

History PII09:00–12:00

21 November

Life Sciences PII09:00–11:00
22 NovemberMusic PI09:00–12:00Music PII14:00–15:30
Tshivenda First Add Lang PII**09:00–11:30
Wednesday 23 NovemberEconomics09:00–12:00
24 NovemberEnglish Home Language PII09:00–12:00
English First Add Language PII09:00–11:30

25 November

Information Technology PII (Theory)09:00–12:00Sport and Exercise Science14:00–17:00

29 November

Tshivenda First Add Lang PIII**09:00–11:30
# An extra-curricular subject:  Not for certification.

*  Written according to IEB SAGs

** Written according to DOE SAGs

A period of ten minutes before the official commencement of the examination will be allowed for reading time over and above the reading of any other instructions that may be necessary.

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