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Any person who is employed by the SANDF and is a member of the SA Army Foundation may apply for a loan up to R30 000.00 in the form of short and term loans, managed in accordance to the National Credit Act (NCA).The SA Army Foundation delivers products, services and benefits to over 40 000 members who are either currently or historically a member of the South African Defence Force (SANDF) and/or the Department of Defence (DoD), and who have a Force Number.

Loan Term1 month cash loan3 month short term loan6 month short term loan9, 12 & 18
month term loan
(Unsecured loan)
Loan amountR300.00 –
R3 000.00
R1 000.00 –
R5 000.00
Up to
R7 000.00
Up to
R30 000.00
In a strategic partnership with Maxi Credit Solutions, a registered Credit Provider in terms of the National Credit Act (NCRCP1063) SA Army foundation offer payday loans of up to R2 500.

What do you need to apply?

  • Latest Payslip or Stamped Computer print out.
  • ID document / Valid driver’s license.
  • 3 Consecutive Payslips
  • Next of kin details.